unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 11.0-11.4b3: An Overview

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All about the unc0ver Jailbreak

The unc0ver Jailbreak tool is from the developers @pwn20wnd & @sbingner (UI from @DennisBednarz & Samg_is_a_Ninja). Together the two developers created one of the most powerful and advanced tools in the jailbreak community.

It combines various exploits comes with faster and more stable patches and also with a much faster and more stable version of Cydia. But this are only a few of the highlights from this tool

Optimized Cydia

Cydia also fits the iPhone X screen right out of the box. With the current available jailbreak tools you had to install a tweak like NoMoreSmallApps to make cydia compatible with the iPhone X screen. Furthermore Cydia is a native build for iOS 11 which makes the application also way more stable and guarantees fully compatibility.

The developers have the permission of Jay Freeman (@saurik) to make this changes.

Supported iOS Versionen for the unc0ver Jailbreak

The unc0ver Jailbreak supports the following iOS versions:

  • iOS 11.0
  • iOS 11.0.1
  • iOS 11.0.2
  • iOS 11.0.3
  • iOS 11.1
  • iOS 11.1.1
  • iOS 11.1.2
  • iOS 11.2
  • iOS 11.2.1
  • iOS 11.2.2
  • iOS 11.2.5
  • iOS 11.2.6
  • iOS 11.3
  • iOS 11.3.1
  • iOS 11.4b3

unc0ver Jailbreak Download

The whole uncßver project can be found open source on GitHub. From there you can download it and compile the source by yourself or download the ready to use .ipa file. After the download you can install it with a tool like Cydia Impactor.

Attention: If you have two factor authentication enabled for your AppleID you have to create an app specific password on appleid.apple.com.

I already use a jailbreak! And now?

If you currently use a jailbreak (for example Electra) it is no problem to make a change. Download the Rollectra Tool from Cydia and give it a run. It will remove you current Jailbreak and you can run the unc0ver tool.

Things to consider with the unc0ver Jailbreak

There are not many things to consider before using the tool. Just deactivate Siri and turn on Airplane mode. After you have done these two steps you are ready for the jailbreak.

Do oyu have any questions? Let us know in the comments below! Also make sure to follow us on twitter.


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