Top Cydia Tweaks: Switches, Lace 2 and more – Issue 21

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Top Cydia Tweaks - Issue 21

This week we have another five tweaks for you that you should check out. Here you can find last weeks issue.

Switches – Change UISwtich elements

Change UISwtich elements, Switches, Top, Cydia, Tweak, Cydia, Sileo, Download, .deb, Hack4Life, Fabian Geissler, Review, free
Change UISwtich elements

With the tweak Switches you can change the boring switches in iOS to something fresh. In the settings you can choose between more than 15 different styles. This includes a donut switch, a material design switch an many more. After the installation you can buy the tweak inside the settings for only $1. We would like to thank the developer @c1d3dev for giving us a license for the test.

Repo: BigBoss
Price: $1.00

Lace 2 – control the lockscreen page

control the lockscreen page, Lace 2, Top, Cydia, Tweak, Sileo, iOS 11, Download, .deb, Hack4Life, Fabian Geissler, free
control the lockscreen page

With the free tweak Lace 2 you can control the page of the lockscreen which get displayed when you wake up your device. For example you can set the option to show the widget page if no notification is present. You can configure the tweak in the settings.

Repo: BigBoss
Price: free

XEdgeProtect – Prevent accidentally closing of apps

Prevent accidentally closing of apps, XEdgeProtect, Top, Cydia, Tweak, Sileo, iOS 11, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, Review, Download, .deb, Hack4Life, Fabian Geissler, free
Unabsichtliches schließen von Apps verhindern

With the free tweak XEdgeProtect you can set the home bar inactive inside of apps. With this feature you can ensure that you are not closing any app accidentally. This is a really handy tweak and you can also exclude apps from the tweak.
Note: Our screenshot does not show the current version of the tweak. The newer version has even more options to configure.

Repo: (Link opens Cydia on your iPhone)
Price: free

PearlFinger – Show middle finger if FaceID scan fails

Show middle finger if FaceID scan fails, PearlFinger, Top, Cydia, Tweak, Sileo, iOS 11, .deb, Review, Hack4Life, Fabian Geissler, free
Mittelfinger bei fehlgeschlagenem FaceID Scan

The free tweak PearlFinger simply shows the middle finger emoji on the display if a FaceID scan fails. There are no settings to configure and the tweak works directly after the installation.

Repo: (Link opens Cydia on your iPhone)
Price: free

FBNoBarEmoji – remove emoji bar in facebook

remove emoji bar in facebook, FBNoBarEmoji, Review, Download, Top, Cydia, Tweak, Sileo, Trick, Hack4Life, Fabian Geissler, free
remove emoji bar in facebook

There is a new “feature” in the facebook app which shows an emoji-bar when you are writing a comment. The free tweak FBNoBarEmoji removes this unnecessary feature from the app.

Repo: (Link opens Cydia on your iPhone)
Price: free

Suggestions for next weeks issue of Top Cydia Tweaks?

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