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    New Tweaks and Themes

    FBNoBarEmoji, Lace 2, PearlFinger, Switches, XEdgeProtect, Top Cydia Tweaks - Issue 21, Hack4Life, Fabian Geissler, Cydia, iOS 11, Sileo, Download, free, .deb

    Top Cydia Tweaks: Switches, Lace 2 and more – Issue 21

    This week we have another five tweaks for you that you should check out. Here you can find last weeks issue. Switches - Change UISwtich elements With the tweak Switches you can change...
    Fiona, FacebookDarkMode, Dark Messenger, ForceButtons, SleekCalculator, Top Cydia tweaks, Hack4Life, Fabian Geissler, gratis, kostenlos, free, download, .deb, Sileo, kompetent, seriös

    Top Cydia Tweaks: Fiona, FacebookDarkMode, Dark Messenger and more – Issue 11

    In this issue we present you five tweaks that you should take a look at. Here you can find last weeks issue. Fiona - Always stay connected with WiFi Fiona is a free tweak...
    Ebullience, Hemera, Shuffle, Stack, Snowboard - Top Cydia Tweaks Issue 14, Fabian Geissler, Hack4Life, Cydia, Sileo, Repo, Download, free, tutorial, help, support, .deb, swift

    Top Cydia Tweaks: Snowboard, shuffle, ebullience and more – Issue 14

    It is sunday which means that we have a new issue of our Top Cydia Tweaks ready for you. These five tweaks are worth a look this week! Here you find...
    Anemone - Theme manager for iOS 11, Cydia, Tweak, free, Anemone 3.0, Download, .deb, Cydia, Sileo, Developer, Hack4Life, Fabian Geissler

    Anemone – Cydia Tweak Review

    Anemone is the replacement for Winterboard and available for free in Cydia. You can download various Designs for the theme manager and change the look of iOS from scratch up. Anemone Themes Like for Winterboard...
    AppInFolderStayTheSame, ForceRespring, InstaEmoji, QuadLight, TextSpring, Hack4Life, Fabian Geissler, Top Cydia Tweaks, Sileo, iOS 11, Issue 24

    Top Cydia Tweaks: InstaEmoji, ForceRespring and more – Issue 24

    This week we have another five free tweaks for you that you should check out. Here you can find the previous issue. InstaEmoji - Remove the emoji row in Instagram with the...
    Ants, iOS Mojave, KillMyApps, Minimal iOS11, SmartVolumeMixer - Top Cydia Tweaks Issue 23, free, .deb, download, Cydia, Sileo, iOS 11, iOS 12, Hack4Life, Fabian Geissler, Review, Help, Support

    Top Cydia Tweaks: SmartVolumeMixer, Ants and more – Issue 23

    This week we have again five tweaks for you that you should check out! Here you can find last weeks issue. SmartVolumeMixer - adjust volume for 9 different categories The tweak SmartVolumeMixer is...
    bstat, CleanSpotFooters, DarkSounds, TitleMore, YTSkip, Top Cydia Tweaks, Issue 17, Hack4Life, Fabian Geissler, iOS 11, iOS 12, Download, .deb, free, tutorial, Review, how to

    Top Cydia Tweaks: bstat, DarkSounds, YTSkip and more – Issue 17

    This week we have also found five tweaks that you should check out on you jailbroken device. Here you can find last weeks issue. TitleMore - Big titles systemwide The text Settings is...
    Apps Manager, countingNotes, TwitterDarkMode, PhotoData, Tweak Count 2, Top Cydia Tweaks Issue 9, Hack4Life, Fabian Geissler, help, free, hack

    Top Cydia Tweaks: Apps Manager, PhotoData and more – Issue 9

    In todays issue of our Top Cydia Tweaks we found another five tweaks for you that will make your life with iOS more easier. Here you can find last weeks issue. Apps...
    Top Cydia Tweaks Issue 7,

    Top Cydia Tweaks: gridicolous, ClassicFolders 2, HideBar X & more – Issue 7

    We found a few tweaks this week that you should have a look into. If you missed issue number 6 from last week, check it out here. HideBar X - Remove...
    ColorMyDock, FreeRAMUnderTimeX, GlitchyRespringLogo, MTerminal, System Info - Top Cydia Tweaks Issue 20, Hack4Life, Fabian Geissler, free, download, .deb, Cydia, Sileo, help, uicache, Terminal

    Top Cydia Tweaks: MTerminal, ColorMyDock and more – Issue 20

    This weeks issue of Top Cydia Tweaks is already the 20th which means that we alredy presented you 95 tweaks. With this issue we have more then 100 tweaks for your...
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    iOS 17 vorgestellt – das ist neu

    Im Rahmen der alljährlichen Entwicklerkonferenz von Apple wurde auch iOS 17 vorgestellt. Die neue Version ist ab Herbst für alle verfügbar, doch wir haben...