Apple planning over-the-air Recovery for iOS with iOS 13.4

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Apple is planning over-the-air recovery in iOS with latest iOS 13.4 Beta

With the third beta of iOS 13.4 Apple introduces an over-the-air recovery.

Mac owners may already know this function. If an macOS Updates fails of any reason you can enter the internet recovery by pressing the [Option] + [Command] + [R] keys on your keyboard. This feature is really handy if you have any problems with macOS and you do not have an usb-device or a recovery partition with the latest macOS version. During the internet recovery macOS and all necessary installation files will be downloaded directly from the Apple servers and then installed. Apple is now moving forward and brings this feature to its mobile devices. This will allow an over-the-air recovery of iOS without the need of any cables. In order to use this feature – which is called „OS Recovery“ at the moment – it is likely that you need another iOS- or macOS-device. Thinking one step further this would allow Apple to get rid of any connectors in the feature.

Over-the-air recovery already with iOS 13.4?

If we already see this feature in the final version of iOS 13.4 is unclear. It is also very likely that Apple is now testing the feature and the compatibility of the different devices. The final release could also happen in fall when iOS 14 ships to the public.

There is already the feature of an over-the-air configuration if you setup a new iOS device. This can be done via a second iOS/iPadOS device. With this feature the Apple-ID, saved WiFi networks, passwords and other customized settings are transferred to the new device. Apple shows with this function already that the transfer of data between two devices is no problem and it works flawlessly. Over-the-air recovery in iOS will for sure  become a reality in the near feature.

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