iPhone 12 with 64MP Camera and more Rumors

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iPhone 12 with 64MP Camera

Even if the iPhone 12 will be presented in September this year there are already some good rumors about the new Apple Phone. The iPhone 12 should come with a 64MP camera and should also come with a so called ring-flash. There were already rumors for a ring-flash in the iPhone 11 and also a prototype has been spotted. In this year iPhone Apple will have improved the new flash and is also ready to ship it with the iPhone 12 series.The newest leak assumes that Apple will upgrade the complete camera module with the new iPhone 12 Pro. Instead of the resolution of 12MP Apple will go with a 64MP module this year. This evolution can also be seen with other manufacturers. The bigger sensor allows the camera to capture more details and a higher contrast.

iPhone 12 with 64MP Camera, Selfie-Nightmode ans bigger aperture in the Ultra Wide objective

2019 was the first time Apple shipped an iPhone with a camera lens that allows you to take photos in an Ultra Wide field. This year Apple will upgrade this lens. The new objective should allow 35 percent more light which results in an f/1.6 aperture instead of the f/2.4 which is currently used. The field of view remains unchanged with 120°. Instead of changing the field of view Apple will add a macro-compatibility to the lens which allows to take photos of subjects which are as close as 2,2 centimeters (0,86 inch).

The nightmare will also get an improvement in the coming iPhone. It should then also work with the Telephoto and the Selfie camera. At this point it is unclear how likely it is that the selfie camera will also get this feature built-in.

The battery will be also a bigger update: 4400mHa should be the new capacity of it. With the bigger battery Apple has to shrink the Logic-Board even more and also need to make use of a smaller charging-controller. According to a source the bigger battery will also support the 120Hz refresh rate for the display. Also a possible 5G module – which consumes way more power than the current LTE modules – could be powered by this bigger battery. In comparison: The iPhone 11 Pro has a capacity of 3046mHa and the iPhone 11 Pro max 3969mHa.


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