Ants, iOS Mojave, KillMyApps, Minimal iOS11, SmartVolumeMixer - Top Cydia Tweaks Issue 23, free, .deb, download, Cydia, Sileo, iOS 11, iOS 12, Hack4Life, Fabian Geissler, Review, Help, Support

Top Cydia Tweaks: SmartVolumeMixer, Ants and more – Issue 23

This week we have again five tweaks for you that you should check out! Here you can find last weeks issue. SmartVolumeMixer - adjust volume for 9 different categories The tweak SmartVolumeMixer is...
LazyCursor, Moonshine, QuietApps, Stamp, Zenith - Top Cydia Tweaks Issue 22, Hack4Life, Fabian Geissler, Review, download, Sileo, .deb, free

Top Cydia Tweaks: Moonshine, Zenith, QuietApps and more – Issue 22

This week we have five tweaks that may be interesting for you. Here you can find last weeks issue. Zenith - Apex for iOS 11 With the tweak Zenizh you can creates "stacks"...
FBNoBarEmoji, Lace 2, PearlFinger, Switches, XEdgeProtect, Top Cydia Tweaks - Issue 21, Hack4Life, Fabian Geissler, Cydia, iOS 11, Sileo, Download, free, .deb

Top Cydia Tweaks: Switches, Lace 2 and more – Issue 21

This week we have another five tweaks for you that you should check out. Here you can find last weeks issue. Switches - Change UISwtich elements With the tweak Switches you can change...
ColorMyDock, FreeRAMUnderTimeX, GlitchyRespringLogo, MTerminal, System Info - Top Cydia Tweaks Issue 20, Hack4Life, Fabian Geissler, free, download, .deb, Cydia, Sileo, help, uicache, Terminal

Top Cydia Tweaks: MTerminal, ColorMyDock and more – Issue 20

This weeks issue of Top Cydia Tweaks is already the 20th which means that we alredy presented you 95 tweaks. With this issue we have more then 100 tweaks for your...
AnemationLESS, SmartTap X, TapticTwitter, VivoApexIconSet, WARemoveCameraTabBar, Top Cydia tweaks, Issue 19, Sileo, Download, .deb, free, Hack4Life, Fabian Geissler

Top Cydia Tweaks: SmartTap X, AnemationLESS and more – Issue 19

This week we have six tweaks that may be interesting for you. Here you can find last weeks issue. TapticTwitter - haptic feedback in Twitter With the free tweak TapticTwitter you get a...
CleanPasscodeXI, Crystal, DismissProgress, PrivateSafari, TWPlus - Issue 18, Top, Cydia, Tweaks, Sileo, Download, free, .deb, Hack4Life, Fabian Geissler, Review, help

Top Cydia Tweaks: DismissProgress, PrivateSafari and more – Issue 18

This week we found five tweaks for your that are completely free and you should take a look at in Cydia. Here you can find last weeks issue. DismissProgress - Use...
bstat, CleanSpotFooters, DarkSounds, TitleMore, YTSkip, Top Cydia Tweaks, Issue 17, Hack4Life, Fabian Geissler, iOS 11, iOS 12, Download, .deb, free, tutorial, Review, how to

Top Cydia Tweaks: bstat, DarkSounds, YTSkip and more – Issue 17

This week we have also found five tweaks that you should check out on you jailbroken device. Here you can find last weeks issue. TitleMore - Big titles systemwide The text Settings is...
Cornuicopia, FrontPage, Mnml, ReCydia, WeatherAnimations, Top Cydia Tweaks Issue 16, Hack4Life, Fabian Geissler, Sileo, Download, free, .deb, SuperSecret Repo, Tutorial

Top Cydia Tweaks: Cornuicopia, ReCydia and more – Issue 16

This week we have another five tweaks that you. Have a look at them and feel free to install them on your device. Here you can find last weeks issue. Cornuicopia -...
iOS 11.4.1 exploits from Ian Beer publicized, Jailbreak, Hack4Life, project-zero, Fabian Geissler

iOS 11.4/11.4.1 Exploits from Ian Beer publicized – Jailbreak coming?

Back in September security researcher Ian Beer announced on Twitter that he will publicize the found iOS 11.4/11.4.1 Exploits. His focus has shifted to iOS 12 where he is now looking...
There's more in the making - Apple Special Event October 2018, Hack4Life, iPad Pro, FaceID, AirPower, AirPods, Apple Pencil, iMac, Fabian Geissler, Preview, Brooklyn

There’s more in the making – What to expect at the Apple Event

Two years ago was the last Special Event that Apple held in October. This year there is also one: There's more in the making is the name of the Keynote which is on...

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Unc0ver v4.3.1 Update: Fixes Memory Issues

Pwn20wnd released the Unc0ver v4.3.1 update. The current version comes with many Bug-fixes and also solves random reboots. He also fixed a Memory issue...